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Creating an earthquake preparedness kit is easy. Many people are not concerned with emergency situations, but an earthquake presents a very real danger with a huge spectrum of harmful or potentially fatal consequences. There are only a few simple things to consider for creating a kit like this, and it can be done by anyone […]

Insurance is, for the most part, a beneficial product that meets a real need.   The need for Auto, Home, Health, and Life insurance isn’t in dispute.  Similarly, in the commercial world, corporate liability insurance is a no-brainer.  However, that doesn’t mean that every type of insurance makes sense.   There’s two types in particular […]

It’s one of those terms you’ve heard before, but perhaps never really understood, at least we didn’t.  To get handle on the topic, we talked with the experts at McRae Marketing Automation, and left with a better understanding of what it is, and why every company should have it…big or small. To get the concept […]

GoDaddy’s recent technical glitch regarding their Domain Name Servers (DNS) was estimated to have taken down the websites of millions of small, medium, and even some large businesses for a full day.  In the past, only large businesses would have seen a financial impact from a website outage, but fast forward to today, and even […]

T-Mobile isn’t the only major carrier with customers wondering why it doesn’t offer the iPhone.  Prepaid giant MetroPCS is also without the device, and with Virgin Mobile rolling it out  (though no Virgin mobile promo code is available) now, MetroPCS is looking a little awkward.

In 2011, the Federal Lifeline assistance program provided over $1.6 billion dollars in an effort to offset the costs of cell phones and monthly service fees for roughly 12 million low-income Americans. This program, credted by an FCC mandate is popular for what should be obvious reasons. Many citizens, however, are unhappy that the program […]

The Lifeline Assistance Program is a U.S. government run benefit program that’s a cruicial part of the Universal Service Fund, whose main goal is to ensure quality, affordable telecommunications for our citizens.   The lifeline program allows carriers like Assurance Wireless to provide eligible low-income customers free, or heavily discounted cell phones and airtime for their […]