Creating an earthquake preparedness kit is easy. Many people are not concerned with emergency situations, but an earthquake presents a very real danger with a huge spectrum of harmful or potentially fatal consequences. There are only a few simple things to consider for creating a kit like this, and it can be done by anyone on almost any budget.  Why not take the time to build one…it’s inexpensive insurance. (more…)

With the Christmas Season approaching, one thing you’ll notice at the mall is proud pet owners shopping for their cats and dogs.  According to a recent survey by the APPA (American Pet Products Association), about half of all cat and dog owners include their pets on their Christmas lists.   Sound crazy?  The numbers are even higher in a poll by, where 63% of those that owned dogs and 58% of cat owners give their pets Christmas presents.  Time Magazine cites a figure of 50 million dollars annually spent on the practice.

Some of the giving is quite lavish as well, everything from pet jewelry (see: LilyLobster beaded dog collars) to $1000+ treadmills, made expressly for dogs.  So when is it too much?


Insurance is, for the most part, a beneficial product that meets a real need.   The need for Auto, Home, Health, and Life insurance isn’t in dispute.  Similarly, in the commercial world, corporate liability insurance is a no-brainer.  However, that doesn’t mean that every type of insurance makes sense.   There’s two types in particular that can be a good idea in some specific situations, but are, for the most part, an unneeded expense.

Although they aren’t related, the acronyms for the two are remarkably similar: PMI and PPI.   PMI stands for “Private Mortgage Insurance” and is basically a risk reduction product for mortgages.  PPI claims to be a product that protects borrowers by making their payments on a loan should they become ill, unemployed, or otherwise unable to meet their financial obligations. (more…)

It’s one of those terms you’ve heard before, but perhaps never really understood, at least we didn’t.  To get handle on the topic, we talked with the experts at McRae Marketing Automation, and left with a better understanding of what it is, and why every company should have it…big or small.

To get the concept of  what Marketing Automation is, you have to go back to the days when the sales department didn’t have computers.   Everything was a manual task.  Salespeople would make phone calls and in-person visits to cultivate leads, and the sales funnel was typically managed in a notebook or whiteboard. (more…)

GoDaddy’s recent technical glitch regarding their Domain Name Servers (DNS) was estimated to have taken down the websites of millions of small, medium, and even some large businesses for a full day.  In the past, only large businesses would have seen a financial impact from a website outage, but fast forward to today, and even the least technical small companies depend on the internet for at least a portion of their business.

How can you protect your business from extended website outage?  We talked with the experts at HostingHQ to find some options.   After a thorough discussion, we were able to vet out the best of their field-tested tips:


T-Mobile isn’t the only major carrier with customers wondering why it doesn’t offer the iPhone.  Prepaid giant MetroPCS is also without the device, and with Virgin Mobile rolling it out  (though no Virgin mobile promo code is available) now, MetroPCS is looking a little awkward. (more…)

In 2011, the Federal Lifeline assistance program provided over $1.6 billion dollars in an effort to offset the costs of cell phones and monthly service fees for roughly 12 million low-income Americans. This program, credted by an FCC mandate is popular for what should be obvious reasons. Many citizens, however, are unhappy that the program is not more stringent with eligibility requirements. The program has not been closely managed, and as a result, many people who shouldn’t qualify for  free government cell phones are getting one, or sometimes even two phones…all at the expense of taxpayers. (more…)

The Lifeline Assistance Program is a U.S. government run benefit program that’s a cruicial part of the Universal Service Fund, whose main goal is to ensure quality, affordable telecommunications for our citizens.   The lifeline program allows carriers like Assurance Wireless to provide eligible low-income customers free, or heavily discounted cell phones and airtime for their essential phone needs. (more…)

supportAn alarming number of small business owners don’t fully comprehend the benefits of using a small business IT support company to secure their operations. It’s commonplace in many parts of the world that a growing number of both large and small businesses operate without the support of an IT support system in routine business operations. As a result, these businesses are at an extremely high risk of encountering problems that take a lot of time to solve. Many of the issues encountered are due to the company’s lack of an IT support system. If they were to have an IT support company backing them, these issues could be solved in a matter of hours, minutes, and at times even seconds. (more…)

nursing student imageGreat news for potential nursing school students  that live in or near the 323,310 and 619 area-code zones! Three of the best nursing schools in Southern California are just around the corner from you. With the baby boomer generation getting older, and living longer, nursing  jobs will continue to grow.  The healthcare industry is considered a recession-proof industry because no matter what state the economy is in, the need for healthcare continues to grow. (more…)

bmiWeight is a common factor that people often reference when determining the quality of their own general health. While there are standards that correlate the relationship of weight to one’s condition of health, the true significance of one’s weight must be measured by more than just what is on the scale. There are actually many factors that separate a healthy weight from unhealthy weight. Since everybody’s body is slightly different, a scale can only offer a single component necessary for comparing one’s mass to that of a generic cross section of people with similar dimensions. To more accurately and personally determine the relation of one’s weight to their own personal physical chemistry, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is a heuristic way of estimating the overall weight ratio quality. (more…)

According to the US Department of Energy, heating and cooling costs account for nearly 56 percent of home energy costs. With winter breathing down our necks, this is a good time to find out how you can reduce your home heating costs. Weatherproofing your windows can help you reduce your overall costs to heat your home this winter. Here are some energy saving tips to help you save money this winter on heating costs.

Window Coverings (more…)